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The founder, chief culture officer and chairman of premier digital marketing agency Resource Interactive, Nancy Kramer took home honors for Outstanding Woman of the Year at the 1999 TopCAT ceremony, the forerunner of the Innovation Awards. As the guiding force of one of the most acclaimed, groundbreaking marketing firms in the United States, Kramer has piloted new methods and applications to help companies use Internet in spreading their message.

Ms. Kramer started Resource Interactive in 1981 to consult technology companies, working with a host of clients out of Silicon Valley for the firm’s first fifteen years. The startup’s first client was none other than Apple, the chic purveyor of the iPad, iPhone and much more. Throughout its first ten years, Resource Interactive assisted the hardware and software giant in the launch of their Macintosh computer and created the company’s first worldwide CD-ROM. Though the dot-com bubble burst of the late nineties witnessed the decline and destruction of much of the industry that Resource Interactive worked with, the firm has since taken an eclectic approach and formed relationships with new clients in retail, service and beyond, utilizing innovation as the driving factor behind its approach.

Though the company considers its exclusive technology specialty as its initial foray into innovation, Ms. Kramer has forged new paths in digital marketing that are exemplary of the field. With their drive to create “shopportunities,” the firm has gone on to excel in social media, mobile applications and “trend-based” applications. Clients ranging from Limited Brands, Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, and CompuServe have all jumped on board the intuitive solutions that Resource Interactive strategizes. The company has since been recognized for its inspired output, accomplishing such feats as the Victoria’s Secret Webast in 1999 and its recent Resource Distributed Commerce Platform (formerly called Off the Wall), a way for companies to sell their products through Facebook. These contributions led to Resource Interactive landing in the top 5 of the coveted Advertising Age’s Agency A-List in 2010.

Though Resource Interactive also holds offices in Palo Alto and Cincinnati, Columbus has served as a reliable home base for the duration of the company’s existence. Ms. Kramer cites the city’s ability to gauge the success of trends and products for the rest of the country (and comfortable accessibility) as a key asset. “The Midwest is the home of applying technological advances for the rest of the country. I think the ability to have a rounded lifestyle probably helps with that. I think we have a history of applying technology in ways that prove the way things are done.”

Looking back on her win twelve years ago, Ms. Kramer recognizes the Innovation Awards as an important way to promote job creation and assist startups, especially in these unstable economic times. “Innovation is a way in which new jobs are created -- in the economic times that we're in, that's a very important characteristic in any community,” Ms. Kramer says. “Anything we can do to raise awareness around innovation or job creation is important for every community. Especially ours.”

Utilizing its own exclusive innovation lab, Resource Interactive is hard at work on rolling out the aforementioned Distributed Commerce Platform. This new product expands on previous shopping tools designed for Facebook, now allowing a common way for users to buy things online through banner ads, social networks or mobile applications. “That’s the area of focus for the business for the next five years. It's a huge, growing, quickly-evolving market, so we are really at the epicenter of that for a variety of clients,” Ms. Kramer explains.

These spanning projects are the result of many talented individuals working in myriad disciplines. Resource Interactive began with one person but now supports nearly 350 employees. Looking to further penetration the field of brand commerce experiences, the company projects an annual growth of 15%.

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