A qualified Nominee is a woman who demonstrates a commitment and dedication to technology.



The Ohio State University

Dr. M. Monica Giusti, Asst. Professor, Food Science and Technology

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is linked to lower incidence of chronic diseases. Therefore, there is great interest to determine what compounds in fruits and vegetables are responsible for those beneficial effects. Anthocyanins are the natural pigments responsible for most of the orange to red to blue to purple colors in nature. These compounds are potent antioxidants and are widely distributed in nature. They are believed to play an important role on the health-enhancing properties of fruits and vegetables. However, it is difficult to know for sure as they usually coexist with many other compounds, and isolating them into pure forms makes them extremely expensive. This candidate led the development of a novel isolation technique using solid phase extraction and a unique combination of solvents to achieve highly purified anthocyanin mixtures at low costs and high efficiency. A company: AnthoScyantific has been created to apply this technology for the production of large volumes of nature’s purest and most colorful antioxidants. For the first time, large scale in vivo studies of biological activity of these compounds will be possible.




Paula O’Reilly, Partner

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with approximately 236,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries, including over 400 employees based in Columbus. In addition to serving our clients, Accenture employees are encouraged to become involved with, and make a difference through, a variety of community and environmental programs.

Paula O’Reilly is a Partner in the Columbus office and through Accenture’s Corporate Citizenship initiatives, became involved with a nonprofit organization, NPower (www.NPower.org). With NPower, Paula spearheaded an effort to build a portal that connects nonprofits to skilled IT volunteers across the world. Built on Sales Force Dot Com technology, The Community Corps (https://thecommunitycorps.secure.force.com/) was piloted in the fall of 2010 and progressed to full production in 2011. To date, over 9,000 IT volunteer hours have been logged through an automated nonprofit to volunteer match process.


Bizwatch Search Analytics

Laura Thieme, Founder & CEO

Laura Thieme founded SMI Analytics, Inc. DBA Bizwatch in 2010 after 14 years of running a search marketing agency. Thieme has spoken at nearly 40 national and international search marketing conferences on how to improve visibility, traffic, sales and profitability in Google and other search engines. Thieme developed Bizwatch, a web-based software that measures online advertising, search and social marketing campaign performance. Bizwatch is geared towards retailers and B2B companies spending greater than $5,000 a month in Google Adwords or pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns, and engaging in SEO and social media marketing efforts. Bizwatch not only measures and trends year over year performance, but catches common advertising and SEO mistakes, alerts the marketing manager on how to fix them, and is currently in the process of automating the PPC and SEO management work flow process.



Danielle Walton, Co-Founder & COO

BringShare is an Internet-based tool designed to help marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses measure and evaluate their online marketing investments more efficiently and cost-effectively. It is unique because it compiles online marketing initiatives -- website analytics, SEO, social media, email marketing, paid search -- into a single, easy-to-comprehend dashboard. BringShare presents data in a way that makes it simple to identify which efforts provide the best return on investment, which approaches need to be modified, and initiatives that aren’t paying off.

Created by co-founders Danielle Walton and Justin Spring, BringShare streamlines and answers the challenges associated with generating and explaining marketing data reports. Because BringShare was created by experienced marketers for people leveraging online marketing strategies, there is a keen understanding of what data reports are critical versus data that is just nice to know. BringShare allows marketers to produce exceptional reports in a fraction of the time and expense it would take someone to create manually. In September 2011, BringShare became the first Ohio company invited to Silicon Valley to present at DEMO the launchpad for emerging technologies.



Michelle Laverty, Intellectual Property Manager

EWI is an international thought-leader on materials joining and allied technologies. It uses manufacturing technology innovation to increase the competitiveness of over 2,700 member locations of global leaders in the aerospace, automotive, defense, petrochemical, government, heavy manufacturing, and electronics industries. It is an independent nonprofit corporation located adjacent to The Ohio State University. EWI acts as an intermediary to develop, mature, commercialize and transition technologies to industry for specific applications. EWI also operates a variety of technology-based centers and consortia to further increase manufacturing innovation. Michelle manages EWI’s intellectual property patent portfolio and is integral in the commercialization of EWI’s technologies. With a background in business and law, Michelle is able to understand her customer’s needs (both internal and external) and act as a liaison between the engineering community, the managing business partners, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Recently, Michelle applied her business experience and knowledge combined with research performed in the area of patent valuation and developed a Technical Prospectus document to guide EWI decision-making in the areas of technology investment and commercialization.


Metcalf & Associates

Maureen Metcalf, Owner

Metcalf & Associates is a management consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to helping leaders, their management teams, and their organizations implement the innovative leadership practices necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Included in these offerings is speaking, training, coaching, team building, and organizational transformation. We help shift perspectives, strengthen organizational awareness and increase executive capacity. Today’s successful executives need to optimize their performance at individual, organizational, and global scale, and we are dedicated to inspiring leadership innovation within complex business environments.

Innovative Leadership Fieldbook is a leading text for managers, executives and individual contributors providing a combination of well-researched theory with practical business case studies. It defines leadership from a thoughtful, new perspective and provides a six-step process for developing strong leadership qualities. This female-published book will drive organizations’ ability to successfully implement innovative change globally. It is well researched and has already gotten global attention at the Integral Global Collaborative Conference along with a glowing review in Integral Leadership Review by Harvard Professor Jim Ritchie-Dunham.



Susan J Gueli, Senior VP, CIO, Nationwide Financial

This nomination recognizes Susan Gueli as a leader in Information Technology with success in many aspects of leadership and especially in improving associate engagement.

Susan Gueli is the SVP, CIO Nationwide Financial. Susan is responsible for leading all technological business solutions including the development and maintenance of systems which serve NF customers, producers, and associates. Susan was named as one of the Top Ten Women in Leadership in the Insurance Industry by Insurance Networking News for her contributions to the business.

In her 25 year career at Nationwide, Susan has served as Vice President, Information Risk Management; Associate Vice President, Infrastructure Technology Solutions and many other leadership roles prior to becoming CIO, Nationwide Financial. Susan serves on the Board of Directors for Directions for Youth and Families. Susan holds a BS in Business Administration, Computer Science from The Ohio State University, Summa Cum Laude.


The Ohio State University

Dr. Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Professor in Geodetic Science

Geodetic Science and Engineering (GSE) at OSU has a 55-year history of groundbreaking research, recognized worldwide. With 20 years of work in GSE. I am professionally recognized as a world leader and innovator in this field, with primary expertise in precise positioning, navigation, and tracking using the Global Positioning System (GPS) and its integration with other navigation/imaging technologies, and unconventional use of GPS for atmospheric studies. I developed a new, fast, and accurate method of GPS orbit estimation; the research team that I lead pushed the state-of-the-art in personal navigation, vital to rescue operations and dismounted soldiers, and, most recently, we developed a novel method of clandestine nuclear explosions detection using GPS signals. I have established and lead the Satellite Positioning and Inertial Navigation (SPIN) Laboratory, and am one of the leaders of the industrial Consortium of Ohio Universities on Navigation and Timekeeping (COUNT), whose members are from defense industry. I am a Fellow of the Institute of Navigation (ION) and International Association of Geodesy (IAG), and serve as an expert for National Academies and Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).

OWT_OSU_Jessica Winter.jpg

The Ohio State University College of Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Jessica Winter, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Dr. Jessica Winter is the H.C. “Slip” Slider associate professor in the departments of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChE) and Biomedical Engineering (BME) at The Ohio State University. She received her PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Innovative Visual Rehabilitation, a collaborative effort between the Boston VA Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Winter joined the faculty at Ohio State University in 2006, where her research has focused on the creation of nanoparticles for medical applications. She has pioneered the development of fluorescent-magnetic nanoparticles for imaging, cell separations, and studies of the role of force in cell function. In addition, she has extended this technology to the development of polymer nanoparticles for drug delivery and non-toxic carbon nanoparticles for in vivo imaging. This work has resulted in six invention disclosures, four provisional patents, and interest from numerous companies.

OWT_Pearl Interactive_NEW.jpg

Pearl Interactive Network, LLC

Merry Korn, Founder and CEO

Merry Korn launched Pearl Interactive Network, LLC in 2005 as a social enterprise with a mission to use technology to create a virtual contact center that provides career and job opportunities to people with skills and talents who have challenges to work such as disabled veterans, people with disabilities and people living in geographically challenged areas. Pearl Interactive Network contract services are: Call Center, Administrative Services, Help Desk and Staffing.

Pearl Interactive Network’s business model is unique from a technology perspective. fully integrating and creating code between our VOIP Call Center software program and assistive technologies, enabling workers who are blind or cannot use their hands to access employment. Pearl Interactive allows businesses is access to a workforce with consistently high retention and high performance. In addition to certification as a woman business enterprise, Pearl Interactive has obtained certifications that position Pearl Interactive for great growth in the federal market. First quarter 2012, Pearl Interactive will have close to 60 employees and will have an additional 40 employees through a subcontractor relationship based out of Pennsylvania.



Cheryl Harrison, Marketing Manager

Cheryl Harrison has been recognized in Central Ohio as a thought leader in social media and digital marketing for over three years - at which time she was only 19.

Currently, she serves as the Marketing Manager for TeamDynamix, the leading project portfolio management (PPM) software company for the Higher Education market. Since joining the company in 2010, she has improved software development communication, developed internal strategies for marketing and sales collaboration, and driven features and content for TeamDynamix’s private social networking Community for Higher Education IT professionals.

Cheryl is also the Editor for local lifestyle website Drink Up Columbus, which has attracted tens of thousands of visitors since its April 2010 launch. In addition, she manages social media communication for businesses like Woodlands Tavern and organizes technology networking events including TechKaraoke Columbus.

OWT_Tempest Networking.jpg

Tempest Networking LLC

Ingrid Fields, President

Tempest Networking has continued to innovate with new services and networked offerings to expand its focus and expertise in IT technologies. Our private cloud offerings have been well received in the market as cost effective solutions that keep organizations in business. Literally. We have had the best Business Continuity projects with customers that make a difference to the Ohio economy.

Our virtual data center and networking teams bring engineering to a new level of business relevance and delivery. In growing global demands and heightened awareness of needed global security, every organization can improve operations and wants to improve financial considerations. Tempest Networking has consulted with C level leaders and implemented with their IT teams to bring improved financial and improved operations to their organizations.

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