A qualified Nominee is a growing company, in business for less than (<) five (5) years, with (i) at least one product or service, and (ii) either the product or service is commercially available and installed past the beta stage, and (iii) the company demonstrates the potential for continued growth and success.



Health Care DataWorks

Dr. Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz, CEO

Health Care DataWorks provides hospitals and health systems with business intelligence solutions that provide a unified view of all of the data that runs throughout their organizations. With increasing amounts of data, much of it created and stuck in disparate application silos, business and clinical leaders cannot quickly and accurately get at the root cause of the many issues that impact patient quality, operational costs and overall performance. Health Care DataWorks, solves this problem by providing an “out of the box” fully functioning enterprise data warehouse appliance complete with all of the hardware and software needed to get fast results. At the core of Health Care DataWorks innovation is a robust unifying data model for healthcare organizations along with over a dozen pre-built dashboards and hundreds of standard reports. For those organizations aspiring to become high-performance, information-driven operations, Health Care DataWorks is their logical business intelligence partner. Founded in 2008, Health Care DataWorks continues to win business over its much larger competitors and is recognized for providing innovative and potentially transformative solutions.



Acceptd LLC

Don Hunter, Founder & President

Acceptd is a web-based tool that simplifies the video application process for university programs. Uploading and managing application videos, audition tapes, and highlight films using Acceptd will streamline the process and save time and money for applicants and program directors.



Justin Spring, Co-Founder

BringShare is an Internet-based tool designed to help marketing professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses measure and evaluate their online marketing investments more efficiently and cost-effectively. It is unique because it compiles online marketing initiatives-website analytics, SEO, social media, email marketing, paid search-into a single, easy-to-comprehend dashboard. BringShare presents data in a way that makes it simple to identify which efforts provide the best return on investment, which approaches need to be modified, and initiatives that aren’t paying off.

Created by co-founders Danielle Walton and Justin Spring, BringShare streamlines and answers the challenges associated with generating and explaining marketing data reports. Because BringShare was created by experienced marketers for people leveraging online marketing strategies, there is a keen understanding of what data reports are critical versus data that is just nice to know. BringShare affords marketers to produce exceptional reports in a fraction of the time and expense it would take someone to create manually. In September 2011, BringShare became the first Ohio company invited to Silicon Valley to present at DEMO-the launchpad for emerging technologies.


CAR Technologies LLC

Dr. Ken Dudek, CEO

CAR Technologies has commercialized a suite of testing, modeling and controls engineering services that allow major OEMs to validate the lifecycle operational and control strategies of their proposed hybrid/electric vehicle or large-scale stationary energy storage applications.

Because of the unique know-how that is employed, very high-accuracy models allow for 1) better control and operation of the advanced battery system across a wider range of operation (e.g. very low states-of-charge, low temperatures), 2) flexible vocational modeling and simulation for systems architecture development and refinement, and 3) better decisions about aging for end-of-first-life decision-making, and 4) proactive ways to make decisions about battery re-use, second life application for large-scale energy storage, and recycling. CAR Technologies, with the help of the OSU Center for Automotive Research, designed, assembled and commissioned the largest testing and engineering center south of Detroit in less than six months. CAR Technologies is a tier 1 supplier to several major OEMs, profitable, and cashflow positive in its first year of operation.


Central Ohio Health Information Exchange (COHIE

For many years, a broad base of stakeholders, including physicians, patients, employers, insurers, and hospitals, have touted the benefits to healthcare delivery if health information technology was widely adopted in hospitals and medical practices. The vision of a patient’s medical history being portable and easily accessible to various medical providers and in multiple care settings seemed like an obvious way to improve healthcare delivery and to control costs. Nonetheless, many hurdles blocked the realization of this vision for providers. The Central Ohio Health Information Exchange (COHIE), a non-profit organization, was established in April 2010 to help Primary Care Providers overcome the barriers to Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption. Through funding provided by the Federal Government’s HITECH Act, COHIE has already served over 1,300 medical providers in the central Ohio area.

COHIE has raised the bar of EHR adoption in central Ohio, which is arguably the most important step toward enhancing clinical decision making, improving overall quality of care and reducing healthcare-related costs. We have achieved great success. However, in the end, the true beneficiaries of COHIE’s work are patients.


Columbus Idea Foundry

Dr. Alexander R. Bandar, Director

The Columbus Idea Foundry is a public facility for the technological, creative, entrepreneurial and educational communities in Central Ohio. We host conventional as well as digital design and fabrication resources (from welding, woodworking, and metal casting to CAD/CAM/CNC machining, 3D printing and laser cutting), offer affordable classes to the general public in the use of these tools, and then provide workshop access to members for a monthly fee and an hourly rate. We host rental studio and production space for 30+ individuals, small businesses, artists and innovators; perform micromanufacturing services for a number of businesses in Central Ohio and beyond; provide design/prototyping consultation; offer technology transfer services and educational outreach opportunities. In the last year, the Columbus Idea Foundry has expanded its brick-and-mortar workshop space ten fold (to 24,000 square feet), and Dr. Bandar’s novel social entrepreneurship business model has attracted the attention of representatives from Battelle, the Columbus Foundation, the Nation Science Foundation, the US FabLab Network, the Greater Columbus Arts Council, and other technological, entrepreneurial, educational and creative organizations.


Dedicated Tech Services, Inc.

Patricia Lickliter, Owner & President

From attack and penetration testing and disaster recovery planning to managed firewall and intrusion detection systems, Dedicated Tech Services, Inc. (DTS) is committed to delivering state-of-the-art security solutions that meet industry best standards and practices. DTS helps to ensure that its clients are protected against the wide range of threats that face their infrastructure. Those threats can be anything from natural disasters to malicious employees or the stereotypical attacker.


DOmedia, LLC

Adam Malone, Director of Emerging Media

DOmedia is the online marketplace for Out-of-Home Media. Through the largest database of OOH companies and inventory, DOmedia provides suites of tools and resources that allow agencies and brands (large and small) to efficiently plan and buy exceptional advertising campaigns.

Powered by a clear vision and tireless commitment to delivering value, DOmedia has cut through the inertia and disrupted a “traditional” media industry. This is no small feat, and certainly not one for the timid!

EndoSphere, Inc.


EndoSphere is a medical technology company developing a platform of endoscopically implantable devices for the treatment of metabolic disorders including one of the world’s most critical healthcare issues: obesity.

EndoSphere’s breakthrough innovation is the SatiSphere System, a small duodenal insert that uses the body’s natural physiology to regulate satiation mechanisms and slow digestion. Current procedures and devices for treating obesity primarily focus on food restriction (attempting to deter over-eating by restricting stomach capacity) or malabsorption (attempting to prevent absorption of ingested food as it passes through the digestive tract).

The SatiSphere device takes a novel approach by improving the natural physiological mechanisms that regulate satiety and slow digestion. Delivered endoscopically to the proximal portion of the small intestine in a brief outpatient procedure, the SatiSphere device slows the passage of ingesta which enables the neurons lining the duodenal walls to detect ingested calories more effectively. These neurons trigger the release of hormones that regulate appetite and digestion. The result: patients experience an earlier feeling of fullness and extended feeling of satisfaction between meals, reducing their urge to over-eat.



Andi Sie, President

eSolutech provides innovative web and mobile IT solutions to fuel a company’s growth. Our unique IT offerings go beyond the traditional practices that are commonly known as IT staffing solutions. What we are offering are innovation and creativity in Technology. We recommend IT solutions to our clients by figuring out their underlying business issues.


Fabrisonic, LLC

Mark Norfolk, President

Fabrisonic is an Ohio start-up established to sell equipment and services related to the patented Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process. UAM uses the power of sound to metallurgically bond layers of metal foil. The process produces true metallurgical bonds with full density and works with a variety of metals such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. In combining additive and subtractive process capabilities, UAM can create deep slots, hollow, latticed, or honeycombed internal structures, and complex geometries impossible with conventional subtractive manufacturing processes. Additionally, the solid state nature of the UAM bond allows for welding of dissimilar metals. This enables dissimilar metal cladding, production of custom metal matrix composites, and the ability to embed objects or sensors in a metal substrate. Through the use of UAM, customers will be able to manufacture complex parts that have unique features and attributes not possible using traditional manufacturing techniques. In addition, parts currently made with traditional operations can be made with less waste, an increasingly important factor as more expensive, higher performance materials see broader use.

OSB_Future Path Medical.jpg

Future Path Medical Holding Company, LLC

Ty Bryant, Founder & Chairman

Future Path Medical (FPM) has brought disruptive innovation to medical devices for clinical fluid management beginning with urine, but additional applications will be considered in the future.

The FDA cleared the iBag System as a 510K Class II device. This first product family will solve major problems for the spinal cord injured and home care segment. The UroSense S product family is targeted for engineering completion and FDA submission later in 2012.

Future Path Medical has raised and invested $2.1MM, been granted two U.S. Patents, #7,739,907 and #7,892,217. There is a third provisional patent in place. This intellectual property protects the company for its planned execution including its technology, sensors, and system elements. The patents are currently valid internationally in some areas, others are being considered for an international filing protection by management.


GotCast, LLC

Alec Shankman, CEO

GotCast.com is Hollywood’s largest interactive community for entertainment executives, talent, and fans. Casting directors have cast nearly 20,000 projects on GotCast, thus helping GotCast’s members to secure thousands of roles in TV and film. With over 350,000 members around the country, GotCast is the premier destination for auditions, casting calls, and networking within the Hollywood community.

GotCast’s social media-based contest platform, MediaBlastr, is the premier crowd-sourcing resource for Hollywood and Madison Ave. MediaBlastr powers talent and content contests sponsored by top brands like L’Oreal, Dove, Garnier Fructis, Sony Playstation, Maxim Magazine, and VH1. Each campaign powered by MediaBlastr results in millions of organic impressions and unprecedented levels of engagement.


hungerly LLC

Derek Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO

Hungerly is enabling the gourmet street food scene to thrive by putting mobile food vendors on a level playing field with brick-and-mortar restaurants. We are addressing the disadvantages presented by varying locations and hours by offering a mobile marketing, sales and logistics platform built around real-time maps, centralized ordering and automated marketing across multiple channels. Not only do we drive business but we empower gourmet mobile food vendors to focus on what they do best: make good food and provide the unique one-on-one customer experience that can only be had at a food truck or cart.


InnovaGreen Systems, LLC

Blake Burich, Founder, President & CEO

InnovaGreen Systems holds several utility patents (Patent # 7560059) for processing and recycling cigarette butts. InnovaGreen Systems’ founding partnership created a dynamic team of professionals with a wide-range of complementary business experience. We are the solution to the growing problem of cigarette litter. InnovaGreen Systems is developing collection strategies and processing efficiencies to turn cigarette litter into useful and affordable products. InnovaGreen Systems is a green company that is committed to providing a solution to cigarette butt litter and improving our environment. Our commitment creates raw materials as feedstock for waste-to-value manufacturing, which ultimately helps eliminate this litter.


Intelligent ID

Jim Mazotas, CEO

Intelligent ID (IID) is a pioneering User Activity Management System that enables unprecedented visibility into events that impact the security of organizations. Through monitoring data usage, Intelligent ID effectively uncovers threats, recovers costs, increases productivity, improves compliance and enhances data loss prevention within organizations.

Founder and CEO Jim Mazotas has founded and owned small businesses in Ohio for 10 years. He started Intelligent ID in 2010 upon observing organizations’ inability to maintain control of their data security, resulting time and time again in financial loss due to non-compliance, expensive litigation, intellectual property theft and negative impact to reputation.

As information becomes accessed and shared at an increasingly rapid pace, leaving unprotected data vulnerable, a need for innovation was clear. With a talented team and clear vision, Intelligent ID has already begun to change the face of online and offline security. Its breadth of functionality and analysis along with an intuitive, user-friendly and highly customizable interface are proving invaluable to the security of clients in the finance, energy, government, healthcare industries and more.


iPinion LLC

Palanivel Kuppusamy, Founder & CEO

iPinion has created a disruptive product and business model for Consumer Insights and Market Research in the mobile world. Explosive growth of smartphones and tablets and the associated behavioral change among users triggered the iPinion idea. The idea was converted into a powerful business solution, by the founders and executive management who collectively bring rich expertise in Consumer Insights and Mobile Technology. Soon after the launch, iPinion started to enjoy excellent market traction, and is recognized as the leading solution for consumer insights in the mobile space. iPinion taps the power of mobile and uses it innovatively to gain consumer insights.

Established in 2010, the company released its Beta version in June 2010 and an enterprise grade, market ready solution in June 2011. The company generated revenue in excess of USD 100,000 from 16 client wins within four months (July-Oct 2011) of its market release, besides generating over USD 80,000 from Beta customers in 2010. Top Market Research companies like GfK, Ipsos, Gallup and top brands like General Mills, Philips, Basspro use iPinion for consumer insights in the mobile world.



Jeff Lusenhop, Founder & CEO

Janova is a provider of web-based, automated testing software designed to streamline the often cumbersome task of software development and implementation. Located in New Albany, Ohio, Janova’s offerings are based on years of experience consulting with companies who struggled to find an efficient way to test software. Leveraging the power of the Cloud, Janova’s offerings are English-based and easy to implement, with no equipment investment and nothing to download. Janova does not require a long-term commitment and offers free support with packages available to fit any size organization, from a single user up to the enterprise.


JointVue, LLC

Ray Wasielewski, M.D., Chairman, Management Committee

JointVue is poised to revolutionize care for patients with painful joint conditions by providing highly efficient, user-friendly products that will address a $300 million annual business opportunity. The company recently raised $1.25 million from external angel investors and is currently in the process of launching clinical trials of its flagship product, JointGuide, a state-of-the-art 3-D injection guidance tool that couples traditional ultrasound with proprietary imaging software. The creation of 3-D joint images and real-time guided joint injection represent major commercial opportunities for this medical imaging product company. In addition, the company is in advanced discussions with federal research sponsors and major strategic partners in their market. The company’s founders, industry-recognized thought leaders in orthopedic research and clinical practice, have nine patent applications pending to cover the JointVue technology platform. Their ultrasound-based imaging products provide high-resolution, real-time imaging to the physician’s office, eliminating the expense and hazards of radiation-based imaging techniques that are the current standard of care.



Tess Schuster, Co-Founder & VP of Marketing

Libre is a clothing line designed for chemotherapy and dialysis patients undergoing routine treatments. The company was started after watching family members freeze while going through dialysis. We recognized the need of this niche market that was not being served; this was a business opportunity for a growing need that could help millions of people worldwide. Our clothing features an invisible zipper where access is needed for treatment. This allows patients to stay warm during treatment, while keeping their treatment site visible for safety purposes. Our clothing helps prevent issues with covered access areas such as bleed outs and infection. Libre means open and free in many languages, representing the literal opening in our clothing and the freedom to wear what patients want on treatment days. Our passion is to help patients look good and feel comfortable during a difficult time. We currently offer four styles and five different colors. Online sales started in April 2010 and have been growing ever since. We continue to work on new designs that fit our customers’ lifestyles.


LogoMyWay LLC

Joe Daley, Founder

LogoMyWay.com connects clients needing logo designs to a creative community of more than 15,000 talented logo designers all around the world. Any business can start a logo design contest within minutes and see imaginative design submissions within a few hours!

Clients can start logo contests for a $200 minimum prize up to a $1,000 maximum. The higher the prize amount, the more submissions of a higher quality will be received. During the contest, clients rank logo submissions and leave feedback based on their design preferences. As the contest continues, the design community can read the feedback along with real time rankings and fine tune their logo submissions.

When the contest ends, the clients select a winner and all of the associated logo files are uploaded to them. They also receive a free legal contract providing 100% full legal ownership of their new design. LogoMyWay.com is the perfect avenue to obtain a unique, professional logo design at an affordable price. With talented designers throughout the world offering their logo concepts, its hard to go wrong since LogoMyWay.com guarantees 100% satisfaction.


MCS2 Medical Compliance Solutions

John DiMaggio, CEO

MCS2 offers a unique service to healthcare providers by satisfying an urgent need in mandated privacy to medical records, tests and visit notes. Their expertise is the merging of successful careers in healthcare IT leadership, security and delivery. With great energy and a win:win attitude, they’ve ’reinvented’ themselves, capitalizing on shared strengths.

The business model capitalizes on the growing threats of data breaches coupled with the government’s stimulus reimbursement for healthcare providers. MCS2 offers patients secure and private medical records, affords providers more efficiencies, long-term savings and assurance of compliance with no threat of fines and penalties. MCS2 ’interprets’ and satisfies governments’ intricate mandates and regulations and is the bridge to ’Meaningful Use’ and verification of HITECH and ARRA. In addition, MCS2 promises minimal down-time to medical staffs daily demands and once start-up begins, executes remotely.

In a relatively short period of time this start-up venture has made impressive gains and intends to diversify and expand their service offerings as their delighted client base expands and market demands grow.


pH Matter LLC

Paul Matter, President & Founder

pH Matter, LLC is a start-up company dedicated to providing solutions in emerging markets related to nano-materials and catalysis. The company was formed in 2010, and is located at the TechColumbus business center. The core business of pH Matter includes the development of catalysts, and scalable production methods for these materials. In 2011, pH Matter developed technical innovations in the manufacturing of nano-materials based on boron, nitrogen, and carbon chemistry, and the use of these materials for a variety of applications. The primary application for pH Matter’s materials are as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction, an important reaction for a number of applications, including fuel cells, electrolysis, and metal-air battery electrodes. Current customers for pH Matter materials include the DoD, NASA, and commercial partners. pH Matter’s technology will lead to a suite of products and services that enable these materials to be adopted by customers. The impact felt by adoption of the materials will span from energy storage for cars, electronics and grid load leveling, to improved efficiency industrial electrolysis.


Poms, Inc.

Charles E. Campbell, Co-Founder

Poms, Inc. is a technology startup that has an innovation solution for the creation and delivery of digital mail for the United States Postal Service and internationally. Charles E. Campbell is an African American Entrepreneur, born with the gifts of innovation and invention. He’s a graduate of Jackson State University, The Ohio State University, Columbus State Community College, Kauffman Foundation For Entrepreneurial Education FasTrac I & II Programs and OSU AAACEC Ray Miller Institute for Change & Leadership. He’s the Founder & CEO of a renewable energy startup (AHEC) http://www.ahecEnergy.com, and has innovations in biotechnology (Kures, Inc), transportation, social collaboration (Cuptoopia.com), aerospace, agriculture, robotics and social empowerment. He understands the transformational potential of his innovations and believes in fair business competition without Greed, Fear or Racism.


QStart Labs, LLC.

Kevin Hiser, President

QStart Labs provides start ups, investors, and established firms an experienced technology development and start up advisory team made up of entrepreneurs, designers, nerds, and investors that are changing the way that new businesses are launched on the web.

QStart Labs not only flexes their muscles through technology innovation but also through a unique business model that creates alignment with the success of the companies they choose to partner with.


Return On Ingredients LLC

Mark Kelnhofer, President & CEO

Mark Kelnhofer founded Return On Ingredients LLC in January 2009 and currently serves as the company’s President & CEO. Kelnhofer had an extensive manufacturing accounting background and in 2002 was hired by the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group to develop a system that managed the restaurant’s costs in a similar way including accurate recipe costing, just-in-time production and ordering processes and menu engineering. During his tenure at BBRG he was able to reduce costs five consecutive years, which resulted in millions of dollars of savings. It did not take long to see that there was a large need for better tools in the industry to assist in the overall profitability of the operation. The Return On Ingredients software solution took Kelnhofer’s manufacturing and restaurant background and create a new tool for operators to be proactive about identifying all their costs (ingredients, labor and overhead) and to methodically plan for profitability.



Jeff Myers, Founder & President

Terracal delivers thermal storage systems for commercial buildings based upon Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES). We have developed a method for immobilizing a portion of an aquifer, allowing us to use it to store lots and lots of cold. We then use this cold in the summer to cool your building. Our simple controls, easy to use interface, and novel approach to aquifer management allow our system to be used all over the United States.

This high efficiency, sustainable cooling system competes effectively with conventional fossil fuel systems, providing a cost-effective alternative for new commercial buildings and buildings where cooling systems are being replaced.

It provides the lowest cost of ownership in comparison to all technologies currently available in the cooling market; in many cases, even the initial cost for a Terracal system will be lower than comparable conventional systems.

Our system provides a means for businesses and institutions to reduce energy costs, meet sustainability goals, reduce the use of electricity at peak demand times, and obtain LEED certification without paying a premium for these advantages


The Metropreneur

Walker Evans, Co-Founder

The Metropreneur was created by Walker and Anne Evans in August of 2010 with the sole purpose of strengthening the entrepreneurial environment in Central Ohio and to help support our small business community. We achieve that by providing breaking news and announcements, business profiles and spotlights, highlighting local and regional trends, providing advice columns from business professionals and a wide variety of other types of valuable and interactive content.

Our role goes beyond just telling the story of our entrepreneurial community, and provides resources for virtual business incubation. We’ve compiled a Local Resource Database that contains hundreds of regional resources ranging from financial assistance providers to marketing resources to social media consultants.



Loren Stone, President

As founder and president of The Spa Marketplace.com, Loren Stone’s inspiration came from over 17 years in the hospitality, spa and wellness industries. He envisioned something bigger, utilizing ecommerce to develop a marketplace for consumers, buyers and suppliers. A marketplace to forge relationships all the while remaining committed to a lifestyle of health, wellness and natural choices.

It was imperative to develop an online community for the free flowing exchange of ideas and thoughts to shape these communities for the years to come. A goal was aligning the business with like-minded partners making a difference in the education of these lifestyles. The Spa Marketplace.com is designed for the consumer market and the spa/wellness professional. In addition, a home office, order processing, and fulfillment complex is located in Columbus, Ohio. In order to achieve our goals we maximized open source platforms, while integrating dynamic interfaces for education, sale of goods/services and the promotion of a healthy and wellness lifestyle. Our mission is to bring a product that is superior to the alternatives while penetrating international markets.



Sean Ramsey, President

Updox, LLC is a web based front office communications solution for medical practices which improves their efficiency and patient care. It is the only service in the ambulatory healthcare market to provide a HIPAA compliant patient portal, electronic fax, document management, secure messaging, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration module in a single platform. In 2011, the company entered into sole source distribution agreements with 7 new EHR partners in addition to 2 EHR partnerships established in 2010. Updox is sold as a monthly subscription model and is currently being used by over 900 practices with 2.4 million patients in its database.


Vantage Point Logistics

Scott Crow and Eric McGlade, Co-Founders

Vantage Point Logistics, LLC (VPL) helps fund higher education’s future by putting money back into a university’s budget. The VPL program provides an easy way for universities to help offset the federal and state budget cuts that are affecting all schools, and driving up tuition costs. It is based on the fact that vendors are overcharging our universities on shipping costs for the items they are ordering every day. Through experience and technology, VPL converts those overcharges into savings of 35%, on average, which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. With Vantage Point Logistics’ program in place, universities have to do very little to obtain those savings. Other industries have very successfully taken control of their freight costs, and now it is time for higher education to do the same with the Vantage Point Logistics freight program.

OSB_Watershed Distillery.jpg

Watershed Distillery LLC

Greg Lehman, Co-Owner

Watershed Distillery produces world class spirits by hand using a custom built copper still. We operate out of a small space in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo, both born and raised in Central Ohio, Watershed currently distills a corn based vodka and a modern gin with a unique aromatic blend of botanicals.



Keith Whann, Founder & CEO

Whanntech develops software applications and promotes best-of-class technology solutions. Whanntech’s first product, VINdriven, is an in-the-lane decision support tool designed to give both auto dealers and consumers detailed vehicle information in an instant. The simple interface provides access to: vehicle history reports, valuation resources, VIN explosion, and the industries first presentation of recall data. The second release is VINimage, an automated photo and vehicle ID matching tool. Next to launch is Transact Auto, which enables both consumers and dealers to create robust condition reports and detailed listings for both retail and wholesale channels. Transact Auto’s listing engine currently supports auttr.com, an automotive social portal that provides visibility to over 1.8 million vehicle listings from over 20,000 automobile dealers. The post-a-car feature allows consumers to post their vehicle with three easy steps. Each of these tools is anchored by a proprietary barcode scanner that eliminates errors and enhances efficiencies. Whanntech is founded by Keith Whann, who represents the interests of auto dealers and independent auto auctions on Capitol Hill. Mr. Whann is recognized as the CAR COUNSELOR to the auto industry.

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