(company with fewer than 250 employees)

A qualified Nominee is a company WITH FEWER THAN 250 EMPLOYEES that has designed, developed and produced a technology-based product. Through this product the company has shown success in addressing an industry need or market niche.



Celartia, Ltd.

Dr. Emilio Barbera-Guillem, CSO

Celartia, Ltd., is a Columbus-based designer and manufacturer of innovative cell culture products. Celartia’s flagship product, the Petaka bioreactor, enables laboratory culture of a wide variety of human, animal, and plant cells with improved quality and significant cost savings.

The patented Petaka bioreactor is the only cell culture device on the market today that enables cell culture without added carbon dioxide or humidity, because its engineered design conserves moisture, and optimizes oxygen and carbon dioxide transport between the cell culture and the outside atmosphere. This replication of natural growth conditions as seen in living bodies produces cells that are more natural and more active than seen with previous techniques, and creates at least a 30% reduction in laboratory costs.

The Petaka bioreactor is both gravity-independent, that is, it can be turned in any direction without spillage or cell damage; and is capable of cell preservation at room temperatures for long periods of time. These features allow laboratories using the Petaka bioreactors to ship cells, without any special handling required, to users around the world.



3X Systems

Dan Shinton, CTO

3X Systems was founded in 2006, with a vision to create a reliable offsite backup solution that is automated, easy to use and affordable by small and medium businesses. Today, 3X Systems has hundreds of customers worldwide using the 3X Remote Backup Appliance to protect their mission critical data without removable media such as tapes, CDs, or DVDs in a fully automated fashion to offsite facilities without giving up access to or control of their information.

Through an appliance-based offering, 3X delivers the best-in-class scalable, reliable and affordable private cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for small and medium sized businesses. The biggest innovation is the portability of the device. This allows the 3X RBA to have all the advantages of a cloud-based backup service with none of the drawbacks. Today, no other backup appliance on the market can make the same claim.

Armorsource, LLC

Yoav Kapah, President

ArmorSource LLC was established in 2005 by ballistic-material groundbreakers well-known in the global personal protection industry. In 2008 Yoav Kapah assumed the role of President and Chief Technology Officer(CTO)and along with Executive Vice President Don Blake, and CEO Larry Dickson, brought their experience, market strength, global network, industry collaborations, advanced R & D, government support, and ability to deliver results exceeding stated requirements and created a foundation for the largest ballistic helmet manufacturer in the United States; and possibly the world.


Audio Power Labs

Gerry Moersdorf, CEO

Audio Power Labs is a company born of a desire to create products that provide the ultimate listening experience for audiophiles and discerning music lovers who seek the truest and purest sound reproduction. Founded in 2009 by entrepreneur and lifelong audio enthusiast Gerry Moersdorf, Audio Power Labs is an organization that includes only the most gifted audio, electronics, and design engineers, all of whom share Gerry’s passion for audio excellence and his dedication to perfection. The 833TNT monoblock amplifier, Audio Power Lab’s premier product, is an exceptional achievement in design, engineering, and construction. It is the ultimate marriage of astounding audio transparency and stunning physical design. It combines the best of old and new audio technologies to deliver amplified sound with breathtaking clarity, warmth, and faithfulness. The product of over two years of work by a team of engineers, the 833TNT is the only 833C push-pull amplifier being manufactured in the world today. It is certain to satisfy the most passionate and discriminating audiophile and must be heard and seen to be believed.


Steve Schade, Founder

ClaritySoft helps companies acquire and retain customers more efficiently through our intuitive and easy to use CRM software. By simplifying the process of setting up, customizing and using our solution, our customers can implement a successful CRM solution in hours. Our unique differentiator is simplicity and our customers benefit through high user adoption and improved sales effectiveness.




DOmedia is the Out-of-Home Advertising Marketplace that simplifies the process of buying and selling media. Through its online platform, buyers and sellers are able to connect and do business more efficiently. The company’s product suite also includes a web-based planning and proposal platform for advertising agencies to efficiently plan and buy national, multi-network out-of-home media campaigns. The company is privately funded and based in Columbus, Ohio. For more information and to do a free search, visit www.DOmedia.com.


Elytus Ltd.

Matthew S. Hollis, President

Elytus Ltd. is a software technology firm founded in January 2007 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio offering clients software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions to solid waste management . Our WinStream product suite is the only software product in the industry assisting clients in achieving environmental sustainability and concurrently providing significant cost savings. We focus on being an agent/consultant for our clients in the areas of solid waste, recycling and environmental sustainability. Our target market is composed of companies who operate multiple locations throughout multiple states or Canada and are themselves involved in the retail, restaurant, hospitality, grocery and industrial markets. With our proprietary WInStream and WInStream|RFP software we are able to assist our clients in assembling a more sustainable solid waste and recycling program from procurement to payment. Using proprietary smart decision making technology these web-based software platforms help our clients reduce the amount of waste generated while also reducing their costs.

EndoSphere, Inc.


EndoSphere is a medical technology company developing a platform of endoscopically implantable devices for the treatment of metabolic disorders including one of the world’s most critical healthcare issues: obesity.

EndoSphere’s breakthrough innovation is the SatiSphere System, a small duodenal insert that uses the body’s natural physiology to regulate satiation mechanisms and slow digestion. Current procedures and devices for treating obesity primarily focus on food restriction (attempting to deter over-eating by restricting stomach capacity) or malabsorption (attempting to prevent absorption of ingested food as it passes through the digestive tract).

The SatiSphere device takes a novel approach by improving the natural physiological mechanisms that regulate satiety and slow digestion. Delivered endoscopically to the proximal portion of the small intestine in a brief outpatient procedure, the SatiSphere device slows the passage of ingesta which enables the neurons lining the duodenal walls to detect ingested calories more effectively. These neurons trigger the release of hormones that regulate appetite and digestion. The result: patients experience an earlier feeling of fullness and extended feeling of satisfaction between meals, reducing their urge to over-eat.


Exceptional Innovation


Exceptional Innovation (EI) has designed and manufactured a table-top VoIP touch-screen phone with access to alarm clock, message center, and room control functions. The Life|point InTouch phone works with Life|ware software to provide a touch-screen interface that is customizable and offers instant access to a variety of features and information based on business needs.

EI specializes in creating software applications, manufacturing hardware solutions, and providing professional services for the hospitality, business, healthcare, and residential marketplaces. The Company is located in the Columbus, Ohio suburb of Westerville in a 46,000 square-foot facility that features a state-of-the-art, 2000 square-foot Life|ware Experience Center onsite.



Eric Foster, COO

EXCMR, Inc. is an early stage Ohio-based medical device development company created in 2008 to commercialize cardiac imaging technology developed by the co-founders at The Ohio State University. The primary product is an innovative system which allows the combination of standard treadmill exercise stress testing with Cardiac MRI, resulting in a new imaging modality with superior accuracy to existing market alternatives. This one-stop exam provides comprehensive cardiac information without using radiation and replaces multiple expensive and risky procedures. The key system component is a completely non-magnetic and non-electric treadmill, which can safely sit in the strong magnetic field of an MRI system, allowing a patient to be imaged at peak stress conditions. Additional system components allow for diagnostic ECG monitoring throughout the procedure. The system was designed to closely replicate existing exercise stress procedures. This system provides a powerful new diagnostic modality while allowing ease of adoption through the familiarity of a standard clinical exam format.


Fabrisonic, LLC

Mark Norfolk, President

Fabrisonic is an Ohio start-up established to sell equipment and services related to the patented Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process. UAM uses the power of sound to metallurgically bond layers of metal foil. The process produces true metallurgical bonds with full density and works with a variety of metals such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. In combining additive and subtractive process capabilities, UAM can create deep slots, hollow, latticed, or honeycombed internal structures, and complex geometries impossible with conventional subtractive manufacturing processes. Additionally, the solid state nature of the UAM bond allows for welding of dissimilar metals. This enables dissimilar metal cladding, production of custom metal matrix composites, and the ability to embed objects or sensors in a metal substrate. Through the use of UAM, customers will be able to manufacture complex parts that have unique features and attributes not possible using traditional manufacturing techniques. In addition, parts currently made with traditional operations can be made with less waste, an increasingly important factor as more expensive, higher performance materials see broader use.

OPS_Future Path Medical.jpg

Future Path Medical Holding Company, LLC

Ty Bryant, Founder & Chairman

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the iBag System, a new system designed to notify catheterized patients and their caregivers of the fill levels of their urine collection containers and display their core body temperature in real time.

Over 300,000 Spinal Cord Injured and other handicapped individuals represent targeted users who struggle with urine management, urinary tract infections, and are frequently catheterized for months and even years. This population is dependent on caregivers and manual processes today. The iBag system represents a step forward in safety, freedom, and dignity for this at-risk population.



Marwan Saleh, Founder & CEO

GuestShots is disrupting the wedding photo and video industry by launching the world’s first end-to-end social event documentation solution. The cloud-based GuestShots software platform enables couples to easily crowd-source photos and videos taken by their wedding guests, and then standardize, organize, and transform them into a beautiful wedding movie and photobook, to enjoy and share online, on DVD, and in high-quality print. Please visit www.GuestShots.com to watch our introduction video.

While GuestShots is currently focused on the $5B U.S. wedding photo and video industry, our plan is to eventually leverage the GuestShots platform to document other major events such as anniversaries, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, holiday parties, reunions, proms, graduation parties, corporate and sporting events, etc.


Health Care DataWorks

Dr. Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz, CEO

Health Care DataWorks (HCD) is a rapidly growing technology company that provides a fast, affordable enterprise data warehouse appliance for healthcare institutions and the support necessary to plan for, install, operate, and maintain it. With increasing amounts of data - much of it is created and stuck in disparate silos - business leaders cannot quickly and accurately get at the root cause of the many issues that impact patient quality, operational costs, and overall performance. Deploying HCD’s powerful EDW Appliance delivers many benefits to healthcare organizations that lack the budget, time, and resources to build an enterprise data warehouse from scratch. HCD’s solution is less expensive than building one from scratch, reduces implementation time by 18-36 months, does not require the hiring of additional IT specialists, provides flexibility in adding new dashboards and reports, and keeps the organization up-to-date with state-of-the-art technology innovation through HCD’s latest additions to the data model, dashboards and reports. For organizations aspiring to become high-performance, information-driven operations, Health Care DataWorks is the logical business intelligence partner.


Improveit! 360

Jason Barr, COO

Developed by home improvement industry experts for remodelers and contractors, improveit! 360 is a business management application designed to control chaos, accelerate growth, lower costs and improve operational efficiencies. With improveit! 360, remodelers are able to generate and close more leads while reducing their marketing costs, automating communications, tracking every customer interaction from one centralized location, and getting a 360° view of their operation for better decision making. Built on the force.com platform, the application is remotely accessible via the web, highly secure, reliable and scalable.


Intelligent ID

James Mazotas, President, CEO & Founder

Intelligent ID (IID) is a pioneering User Activity Management System that enables unprecedented visibility into events that impact the security of organizations. Through monitoring data usage, Intelligent ID effectively uncovers threats, recovers costs, increases productivity, improves compliance and enhances data loss prevention within organizations.

Founder and CEO Jim Mazotas has founded and owned small businesses in Ohio for 10 years. He started Intelligent ID in 2010 upon observing organizations’ inability to maintain control of their data security, resulting time and time again in financial loss due to non-compliance, expensive litigation, intellectual property theft and negative impact to reputation. As information becomes accessed and shared at an increasingly rapid pace, leaving unprotected data vulnerable, a need for innovation was clear. With a talented team and clear vision, Intelligent ID has already begun to change the face of online and offline security. Its breadth of functionality and analysis along with an intuitive, user-friendly and highly customizable interface are proving invaluable to the security of clients in the finance, energy, government, healthcare industries and more.


iPinion LLC

Palanivel Kuppusamy, Founder & CEO

iPinion has created a disruptive product and business model for Consumer Insights and Market Research in the mobile world. Explosive growth of smartphones and tablets and the associated behavioral change among users triggered the iPinion idea. The idea was converted into a powerful product, by the founders and executive management who collectively bring rich expertise in Consumer Insights and Mobile Technology.

Soon after the launch, iPinion started to enjoy excellent market traction, and is already recognized as the leading solution for consumer insights in the mobile space. iPinion taps the power of mobile and uses it innovatively to gain consumer insights.

Established in 2010, the company released its Beta version in June 2010 and an enterprise grade, market ready solution in June 2011. The company generated revenue in excess of US $100,000 from 16 client wins within four months (July-Oct 2011) of its market release, besides generating over US $80,000 from Beta customers in 2010. Top Market Research companies like GfK, Ipsos, Gallup and Top brands like General Mills, Philips, Basspro use iPinion for consumer insights in the mobile world.


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni Britton Bauer, Owner

Jeni Britton Bauer, author of The New York Times best-selling cookbook, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams At Home, founded Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in 2002 in Columbus’ North Market. Today, using cream from grass-fed Ohio cows and ingredients that shine from around the world, Jeni’s ice creams have been praised by Saveur magazine (“Revolutionary”), Time magazine (“America’s best”), and USA Today (“Deadly delicious”).

Owned by Jeni, her husband Charly Bauer, Charly’s brother Tom Bauer, and CEO John Lowe, Jeni’s operates 10 shops and ships pints to households in all 50 states and groceries throughout the U.S.

Through ice cream, Jeni’s team helps sustain small Ohio farms and businesses. They are commited to Columbus’ culinary and nonprofit arts/culture organizations and events (from theater productions and bicycle races, to fundraisers). Jeni and her staff serve on boards of various organizations in Columbus to create programs and systems of support. Major benefactors of Jeni’s endeavors are Slow Food USA and Columbus and Local Matters, which works to supply quality sustenance to central Ohio’s so-called food “deserts”, those neighborhoods bereft of fresh food options.


Linebacker, Inc.

David Sybert, MD, CMO

Linebacker, Inc. was launched in 2007 as SyberMed Enterprises, an Ohio LLC and converted into an Ohio corporation in 2011. During that time, it conducted a market feasibility study with a TechColumbus TechGenesis grant, produced inventory of the product, and gained its initial customers. Linebacker is defining secondary catheter securement as a comfortable, durable solution that prevents IV dislodgement. Because it’s non-adhesive and easy to apply, it improves patient comfort and saves time. Ideal for high risk and mobile patient situations, Linebacker serves as a shock absorber to dramatically reduce the need for expensive and potentially dangerous restarts.


Microsolved Incorporated

Brent Huston, Founder & CEO

MicroSolved, Inc. (MSI) is a vibrant, innovative information security company dedicated to helping companies secure their assets and save money by avoiding data loss. We’ve been doing it since 1992. Brent Huston, CEO and Security Evangelist, has developed HoneyPoint Wasp, which is a non-signature based, but rather behavior-based detection tool developed to constantly monitor workstations and check for intrusion. Our qualifications are: a great team who for 19 years has assisted our clients in securing and maintaining the security of their data, knowledgeable engineers who understand security threats, and creative leaders who are ahead of the curve in building security products and providing security services that make a difference.


Nanofiber Solutions

Ross Kayuha, CEO

Nanofiber Solutions manufactures revolutionary three-dimensional nanofiber technologies for cell culture and cancer research, stem cell expansion and tissue engineering solutions. We employ a technology platform that provides researchers with more biologically realistic cell culture leading to more effective biomedical research, earlier breakthroughs, faster and cheaper time to market for drug development, and improved stem cell expansion and differentiation.


AKRA Games

Rini Das, CEO

PAKRA is a remarkable learning company! We provide a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that features games simulating work processes, employee management systems, and decision-analytics to enable businesses to better manage the workforce of today. Our flexible, scalable software platform supports real-time web-based simulations, decision analytics and game-play. Employees acquire critical-thinking and decision-making skills by practicing in our learning-by-doing, state-of-the-art multi-media (and fun) learning environment. Recruiters, trainers and managers get a powerful and cost-effective tool to help train, manage, and develop a more effective workforce. Our clients have enjoyed a return on investment ranging from $77 to $135 for every dollar spent! Our suite of solutions includes PAKRA Games, PAKRA Console, PAKRA Analytics, and PAKRA Integrated Training.


People to My Site

Guy Jacks, CTO

People To My Site’s Digital Solution Builder (DSB) is a website builder that makes it easy for anyone to build a website. The DSB is designed to plug into our Digital Marketing Franchisee Platform (DMFP). The DMFP enables franchise corporate marketing teams to develop a complicated digital marketing solution for their franchisees. The DSB makes the DMFP affordable and usable by franchisees who do not possess the budget, the marketing savvy or the technological know-how to leverage the DMFP.

The DSB is technically innovative because it is only site builder tool available to the franchise industry that can be efficiently customized to the design needs, content needs and marketing needs of the franchise system.

Our relationship typically starts at the franchise’s corporate level by combining our Internet marketing solutions with their traditional marketing solutions eventually resulting in the DMFP.

The DSB has greatly boosted our company morale, increased our revenue and reduced our costs. We have engaged in dozens of relationships that we expect will develop into significant business during 2012 as a result of the DSB.


Rescentris, Inc.

Jeff Spitzner, President & CSO

Rescentris provides a leading enterprise software product called CERF that allows life sciences researchers to collaborate, work more efficiently, and protect intellectual property by enabling the paperless scientific laboratory.

CERF uniquely combines electronic lab notebook (ELNs), enterprise content management (ECM), and record archiving for biomedical research companies and other corporate, government, academic and non-profit R&D organizations. The product platform is now also serving the lab notebook and data management needs for additional vertical sectors in multi-discipline R&D organizations. The company and the overall industry are experiencing substantial growth.

CERF enables life scientists to manage R&D information much more effectively than paper lab notebooks and file systems. CERF is the first ELN on the market to utilize semantic web and other innovative technologies. It enables researchers to share and record information flexibly yet securely while ensuring that organizations are able to protect and leverage their R&D investments by increasing productivity and capturing intellectual property. Rescentris is developing new technologies for data management and collaboration, plus mobility and cloud solutions, and to help its customers compete successfully to develop new products.


Return On Ingredients LLC

Mark Kelnhofer, President & CEO |

Mark Kelnhofer founded Return On Ingredients LLC in January 2009 and currently serves as the company’s President & CEO. Kelnhofer had an extensive manufacturing accounting background and in 2002 was hired by the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group to develop a system that managed the restaurant’s costs in a similar way including accurate recipe costing, just-in-time production and ordering processes and menu engineering. During his tenure at BBRG he was able to reduce costs five consecutive years, which resulted in millions of dollars of savings. It did not take long to see that there was a large need for better tools in the industry to assist in the overall profitability of the operation. The Return On Ingredients software solution took Kelnhofer’s manufacturing and restaurant background and create a new tool for operators to be proactive about identifying all their costs (ingredients, labor and overhead) and to methodically plan for profitability.


The Cookie Cop LLC

Craig S. Lee, Founder

The Cookie Cop LLC, founded in 2006 by retired Columbus Police Sergeant Craig Lee and his wife Lisa Tyus-Lee, has a selection of delicious and flavorful healthy cookies that meet and exceed nutritional guidelines for food offerings in elementary, middle and high schools as set forth by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Ohio Senate Bill 210. The Cookie Cop cookies are currently sold at Raisin Rack Natural Food Market and Bexley City School District.

The Cookie Cop’s healthy cookies have received the endorsement of a nationally recognized general practitioner whose Serrano Family Practice Medical office is located in Pickerington, Ohio. Dr. Eric Serrano, an expert in the field of sports nutrition, tested the cookies for their effect on his own blood sugar levels one hour after ingestion. Dr. Serrano found that in that hour his sugar level remained the same and asserts that the cookies, therefore, be considered a sugar stable food.


Vanner Inc.

Alec Cook, CTO

Vanner utilizes technology to develop customized, balanced and managed electrical systems for specialty vehicles. These technologies help our partners differentiate themselves in their markets. The electrical systems we develop have diagnostic, prognostic and system analysis capabilities. Our products communicate via the J1939 CANBus system to aid in the optimization of the vehicle’s electrical system.

Vanner’s primary markets are Transit Bus, Coach, Ambulance, Class 8, Work Truck and Military. Vanner’s primary objective is electrification of the vehicle. Vanner is focused on idle reduction systems for ICE vehicles. For hybrid and all electric vehicles, our goal is to eliminate all the belt driven loads and completely electrify the vehicle.

Through electrification, we optimize the vehicle, provide emission reduction and fuel savings. With the new anti-idling laws being passed, and new regulations being implemented by the EPA and NHTSA, Vanner is on the right path to meet the changing needs of our partners. Vanner is committed to developing technologies that lead to a cleaner environment and aid our national pursuit of energy independence.


Venture Highway

Kevin Gadd, CEO

Venture Highway creates and distributes entrepreneurial curriculum offerings for college and university instructors and aspiring entrepreneurs. Designed by successful entrepreneurs and highly respected academic thought leaders, Venture Highway elevates the entrepreneurial education experience - both in and out of the classroom.

The Venture Highway product includes an innovative web-based development suite that provides clients with an interactive and ever changing platform. Responding to student demand and a digitally charged academic environment, Venture Highway’s new product not only offers data collection but project insight, up to date resources and content generation tools.


Veriano Fine Foods & Spirits Ltd

George & Lynda Vergits, Owners

Veriano Fine Foods & Spirits is a distilled spirits plant based in New Albany, specializing in the production of liqueurs from family recipes created over two centuries ago in Italy.

Launched January 2011, Tessora Limone was quickly embraced by the local community, offered by over 200 bars, restaurants, gourmet markets and supermarkets throughout Ohio within its first six months of business. It was featured in Jeni’s signature dessert for Chefs in the City, LuluLemon’s fundraiser for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and was the only liqueur at The Columbus Food & Wine Affair. Tessora Limone is unique in the spirits industry, with no known competitors. Unmatched in versatility, Tessora is authentically served neat, delicious in cocktails and coffees, elegant over ice cream and berries, and enjoyed by top chefs to create desserts from panna cotta to cheesecake to chocolate truffles. Tessora Limone stringently adheres to the original recipe, with its precise balance of flavors and all-natural ingredients, while bringing the manufacturing process up to 21st century standards and government regulations, and producing quantities to enable a national introduction in 2012.


Watershed Distillery LLC

Greg Lehman, Co-Owner

Watershed Distillery produces world class spirits by hand using a custom built copper still. We operate out of a small space in Columbus, Ohio. Founded by Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo, both born and raised in Central Ohio, Watershed currently markets a corn based vodka and a modern gin with a unique aromatic blend of botanicals.


Znode, Inc.

Vish Vishwanathan, Executive VP & General Manager

Znode, a Columbus, Ohio based company, has established itself as an industry leading ecommerce solution provider. Our highly flexible ecommerce platforms enable businesses to easily build and manage rich, multi-store and multi-device ecommerce websites with a significantly higher ROI.

Znode is trusted by leading global brands including LoJack, Waste Management, Wawa, Channellock, Arbor Day Foundation, Sonos, Fechheimer (Berkshire Hathaway) and others.

Znode was listed for the first time on the 2011 INC 500 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Listed at number 223 overall, Znode has experienced a 1430% growth rate over three years. Other rankings include 21st in the software category and the number one ranking in central Ohio.

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