(company with more than 5000 employees)

A qualified Nominee may be an individual, team, organizational unit within a company WITH MORE THAN 5,000 EMPLOYEES that has had direct leadership and involvement in the innovative use of technology to: modify an existing product or service, develop and launch a new product or service, develop a new internal service, or significantly alter a business process that dramatically improves how an internal or external product or service is delivered in quantifiable terms. The innovation should have been delivered within the evaluation period, however the work may have spanned several years.



JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Technology Team

Site Inspector is an iPad app developed to allow Facilities Managers to do building inspections of HVAC equipment, fire suppression systems, data centers and other critical platforms required to support thousands of JPMC buildings across the globe. It replaced unusable tablet PCs with spreadsheet-based forms with a touch screen app equipped with floor map graphics, system and part inventories, and real-time connections to maintenance systems and vendors. It’s implementation immediately removed two-days of lag between the identification of failing fire suppression system or chiller and the work required to bring it back to spec. It will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs annually and improve safety. The app required no end-user training and improved the productivity of the Facility Managers by 10-15% across the board.



American Electric Power

Craig Rhoades, VP, Customer & Distribution Services and Pablo Vegas, Senior VP & CIO

AEP, one of the largest electric utilities in the US, has been an innovative leader in the development, evaluation and deployment of smart grid concepts, technologies and programs. Smart grid technologies are designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the electric distribution grid, provide customers with tools to better understand and control their electrical demand and energy consumption, and produce societal benefits such as improved economic development and environmental performance. The Smart Grid commonly refers to a variety of field and back office technologies that include two-way wireless communication networks, smart meters, in-premise energy displays and control technologies, distribution grid automation equipment, distributed storage and generation sources, electric vehicles, smart appliances, and new information management and control systems. AEP has implemented these new technologies in customer’s homes, the distribution grid, and our back office to streamline work processes, improve order processing, reduce electric demand and energy consumption, and improve grid reliability. AEP has also implemented several new customer programs that leverage these technologies and provide customers the ability to reduce peak demand, reduce energy consumption and save money.


The Huntington National Bank

Zahid Afzal, CIO

“Social Enterprise to drive growth and customer delight”

Huntington, under CIO Zahid Afzal’s leadership, created an internal social media capability called hbook that has accelerated project delivery and end user adoption, helping the bank understand more about end user preferences to create an engaging experience that ultimately drives growth and customer delight.


Worthington Industries, Inc.

Worthington Industries IT Department

Worthington Industries (WI) is a leading diversified metals manufacturing company with 2011 fiscal year sales of approximately $2.4 billion. The Columbus, Ohio based company is North America’s premier value-added steel processor and leader in manufactured pressure cylinders. WI, including its joint ventures, employs approximately 8,500 people and operates 74 facilities in 12 countries. The WI IT department provides services and support to Worthington users throughout North America with global oversight.

Our key innovation is a customized Agile approach combining Scrum with XP practices for an Oracle ERP solution. We built Agile on top of our ITIL and COBIT framework. To bolster quality, we added a DRIP (Defects Released to Production). WI IT is qualified for this award category because of our unique use of Agile for a manufacturing business partner. We are pioneering this hybrid approach to show that IT is a competitive advantage, and not just a cost center. By trying something different, we have brought radical change within the WI IT department to create a high-performance IT organization.

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