(company with more than 5000 employees)


JPMorgan Chase

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Technology Team

Site Inspector is an iPad app developed to allow Facilities Managers to do building inspections of HVAC equipment, fire suppression systems, data centers and other critical platforms required to support thousands of JPMC buildings across the globe. It replaced unusable tablet PCs with spreadsheet-based forms with a touch screen app equipped with floor map graphics, system and part inventories, and real-time connections to maintenance systems and vendors. It’s implementation immediately removed two-days of lag between the identification of failing fire suppression system or chiller and the work required to bring it back to spec. It will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs annually and improve safety. The app required no end-user training and improved the productivity of the Facility Managers by 10-15% across the board.



The Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging at The Ohio State University

The Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging (WCI-BMI) at the Ohio State University and the Ohio Imaging Research and Innovation Network (OIRAIN); Michael V. Knopp MD, PhD - Director and PI

Professor and Novartis Chair of Imaging Research

The Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging (WCI-BMI) is a non-profit research enterprise organized under The Ohio State University Research Foundation to create an innovative academia/Ohio industry interface to develop, validate and perform services using leading-edge imaging technologies. Since its initiation through funding under the Ohio Third Frontier framework, it has helped create multiple imaging technologies that have been successfully commercialized by Ohio-based companies. The WCI-BMI also serves as the lead organization of the Ohio Imaging Research and Innovation Network (OIRAIN) that has created a new service delivery solution enabling the capability of state-of-the-art positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) imaging, not only at The Ohio State University campus, but now available throughout the State of Ohio via mobile services. Within the qualification timeframe, the WCI-BMI teamed up with Battelle Health and Life Sciences (Columbus, OH), also a non-profit organization, as well as Medpace (Cincinnati, OH), a for-profit CRO, to perform innovative preclinical and clinical trials for Ohio companies using newly available imaging technology that is commercially developed and manufactured by Philips Healthcare in Cleveland, OH.



Owens Corning

Owens Corning Blowing Agent (BA) Conversion: A GREEN Innovation


Owens Corning (OC) is a world leader in building materials systems and composite solutions. Our products range from insulation and roofing used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, to glass fiber for reinforced composite materials used in transportation, electronics, marine, wind energy and other high-performance markets. OC extruded polystyrene (XPS) FOAMULAR products are produced by extruding polystyrene resins and additives with a blowing agent (BA) into insulating board product. OC used to use hydrochlorofluro carbon HCFC-142b (CH3 CF2Cl) as the BA. This molecule is an ozone depleting agent (ODP = 0.06), with high global warming potential (GWP = 2310, carbon dioxide = 1). OC successfully converted all foam manufacturing lines across the United States and Canada (all 4 plants) to a more environmentally friendly BA, 2009 - 2011. The new BA not only has zero ODP, but carries a combined GWP of 780. This is a 70% reduction in GWP from the base line. The zero-ozone-depleting formula is a significant improvement in the global warming potential than the previous system -- a level unmatched by competition.


(company with fewer than 250 employees)


Rescentris, Inc.

Jeff Spitzner, President & CSO

Under the leadership of Jeff Spitzner, President, Co-Founder, and Chief Science Officer, Rescentris has become a leading global provider of enterprise Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) software solutions for R&D organizations. 90% of scientists developing the next generation of inventions, discoveries, and new products for research organizations still use paper lab notebooks. Productivity and collaboration are limited because data and Intellectual Property are scattered across paper and computer file systems and unsearchable.

Over 100 sites in commercial, academic, government and nonprofit research labs in biology and multidiscipline research now utilize Rescentris’ award-winning product CERF to achieve efficient, paperless laboratories. ELNs are a rapidly growing segment of the $17 Billion lab informatics market. As product visionary, Spitzner guided development of CERF’s unique platform, including semantic technologies, mobility and SaaS options, and innovative user interfaces and tools to win competitive deals. In 2011, Dr. Spitzner expanded Rescentris’ management team, raised new equity funding, and boosted sales revenues. Jeff received his Ph.D. from Ohio State and post-doctoral research at MIT. He has co-founded five technology companies and is a recognized worldwide technology leader.


(company with more than 250 employees)


The Dispatch Printing Company

Joe Gallo, EVP & Corporate CIO

The Dispatch Printing Company is a locally owned privately held media company, owning a daily newspaper, 23 weekly newspapers, a sports radio station, a broadcast CBS affiliate in Columbus, OH and an NBC affiliate in Indianapolis, IN. The combined properties also own and operate 23 web sites.

The digital strategy, initially spearheaded by IT, is “Content Anywhere, On Anything at Anytime.” recognizing customer demand to move from traditional media to any electronic screen. This year we launched a bold new approach to our web sites utilizing Amazon Cloud, open source software and our internal staff to propel the current strategy and establish a solid foundation for future evolution.

We finalized an agreement to change our newsprint format from the 150+ year old traditional format, to a new 3V format. After over 2 years of work, we are defining our printing facility as the location to print not only The Columbus Dispatch but also a letter of intent to publish the Cincinnati Enquirer. This innovative new product in the newspaper industry establishes ours as a premier production facility for Ohio.



Health Care DataWorks

Dr. Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz, CEO

Health Care DataWorks provides hospitals and health systems with business intelligence solutions that provide a unified view of all of the data that runs throughout their organizations. With increasing amounts of data, much of it created and stuck in disparate application silos, business and clinical leaders cannot quickly and accurately get at the root cause of the many issues that impact patient quality, operational costs and overall performance. Health Care DataWorks, solves this problem by providing an “out of the box” fully functioning enterprise data warehouse appliance complete with all of the hardware and software needed to get fast results. At the core of Health Care DataWorks innovation is a robust unifying data model for healthcare organizations along with over a dozen pre-built dashboards and hundreds of standard reports. For those organizations aspiring to become high-performance, information-driven operations, Health Care DataWorks is their logical business intelligence partner. Founded in 2008, Health Care DataWorks continues to win business over its much larger competitors and is recognized for providing innovative and potentially transformative solutions.


(company with fewer than 250 employees)


e-Cycle LLC

Christopher and Tonia Irion, Founders

e-Cycle empowers businesses and organizations to take a more responsible, secure and profitable approach to wireless recycling. Founded in 2005 by Christopher and Tonia Irion, e-Cycle was established on three guiding passions: a love of technology, environmental protection and charitable giving.

e-Cycle collects wireless devices from businesses, reimbursing them for devices that retain value and recycling all others at no charge through an ISO Certified, EPA-registered facility. e-Cycle has a strict zero landfill policy. The information on every phone is either deleted or destroyed through the industry’s most rigorous data security measures. Once the data is completely scrubbed, e-Cycle resells the devices overseas where the used technologies are greatly needed. e-Cycle was recently ranked the #5 fastest growing, privately-held environmental services company in the U.S. by Inc. magazine, and the #3 fastest growing, privately-held company in Central Ohio in the Business First Fast 50. CEO Christopher Irion recently won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Cleantech category for the South Central Ohio and Kentucky Region, and was recently honored at the national awards ceremony.


(company with more than 250 employees)



OCLC Webscale Management Services

OCLC is a global library cooperative dedicated to furthering access to the world’s information and reducing library costs. The economic environment has negatively impacted library budgets while increasing the demand for library services. Library funders, leaders, and staff are continually balancing available resources to meet the needs of their communities. Behind the scenes, the systems that support the work of a library selecting, acquiring, describing, and delivering collection materials are largely based on decades-old technology running on local servers. OCLC’s integrated Webscale Management Services introduces a cloud-based system with unified and simplified workflows for these mission-critical back office activities of the library. WMS facilitates sharing of infrastructure costs and resources. Libraries can also share data, applications and workflow improvements with peer institutions, end users and partners. For patrons, the world’s libraries’ collective catalogs become visible on the Web through search engines and via their preferred access points. Over 150 libraries worldwide have selected WMS, and it is already in use in over 30 libraries serving 95 branch locations.



The Ohio State University

Dr. M. Monica Giusti, Asst. Professor, Food Science and Technology

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is linked to lower incidence of chronic diseases. Therefore, there is great interest to determine what compounds in fruits and vegetables are responsible for those beneficial effects. Anthocyanins are the natural pigments responsible for most of the orange to red to blue to purple colors in nature. These compounds are potent antioxidants and are widely distributed in nature. They are believed to play an important role on the health-enhancing properties of fruits and vegetables. However, it is difficult to know for sure as they usually coexist with many other compounds, and isolating them into pure forms makes them extremely expensive. This candidate led the development of a novel isolation technique using solid phase extraction and a unique combination of solvents to achieve highly purified anthocyanin mixtures at low costs and high efficiency. A company: AnthoScyantific has been created to apply this technology for the production of large volumes of nature’s purest and most colorful antioxidants. For the first time, large scale in vivo studies of biological activity of these compounds will be possible.



The Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research

Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni, Director, Onori Simona, Shawn Midlam-Mohler, Yann Guezennec, John Neal


In partnership with various Ohio companies, CAR is playing a major role in supporting the commercialization of electronic power converters (Vanner), battery thermal management (Graftech), and engine exhaust sensors (Stoneridge). These activities involve multiple faculty and research staff in the center, and have each received funding from the Ohio Third Frontier program. CAR also has a history of engaging industry in research consortia; some 30 companies are currently paying members in one of the two consortia managed by CAR.

CAR has served as an incubator for two companies that are currently housed at TechColumbus: PlugSmart and CAR Technologies LLC. In the case of PlugSmart, the center provided technical support and facilities in the form of engineering services to allow the company to strengthen its product portfolio. CAR Technologies LLC was created to translate advanced battery aging and characterization technology developed at OSU CAR.


(company with fewer than 250 employees)


Celartia, Ltd.

Dr. Emilio Barbera-Guillem, CSO

Celartia, Ltd., is a Columbus-based designer and manufacturer of innovative cell culture products. Celartia’s flagship product, the Petaka bioreactor, enables laboratory culture of a wide variety of human, animal, and plant cells with improved quality and significant cost savings.

The patented Petaka bioreactor is the only cell culture device on the market today that enables cell culture without added carbon dioxide or humidity, because its engineered design conserves moisture, and optimizes oxygen and carbon dioxide transport between the cell culture and the outside atmosphere. This replication of natural growth conditions as seen in living bodies produces cells that are more natural and more active than seen with previous techniques, and creates at least a 30% reduction in laboratory costs.

The Petaka bioreactor is both gravity-independent, that is, it can be turned in any direction without spillage or cell damage; and is capable of cell preservation at room temperatures for long periods of time. These features allow laboratories using the Petaka bioreactors to ship cells, without any special handling required, to users around the world.


(company with more than 250 employees)


Owens Corning

David R. Mirth, Director and EcoTouch® Product Development Team

EcoTouch insulation is a new fiber glass insulation product that was launched by Owens Corning in late 2010 and early 2011. Owens Corning is a leading global producer of residential and commercial building materials, glass-fiber reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems, with sales of $5.0 billion in 2010 and about 15,000 employees in 28 countries on five continents. EcoTouch was developed at Owens Corning’s Science and Technology center in Granville, Ohio. It represents a unique combination of total product performance (preferred by 2 out of 3 professional insulation installers) and sustainable product attributes (99% natural, 58% recycled content, GREENGUARD Children and Schools certified for indoor air quality and verified to be formaldehyde-free). EcoTouch sales have exceeded $200 million to date, and it has received national recognition as an innovative building materials product, including being ranked among the top five best new products of 2011 by Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines, and being the first fiberglass insulation to be certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as a Biobased product.



The Ohio State University

Thomas D. Schmittgen, Associate Professor and Chair

Dr. Thomas Schmittgen is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Division of Pharmaceutics at The Ohio State University. His research focuses on the role of noncoding RNA towards the early detection, pathogenesis and treatment of cancer. He holds the patent (pending) for the microRNA genetic signature for pancreatic cancer; technology that will be used for the early detection of pancreatic cancer. Dr. Schmittgen has over 50 publications and has received numerous grants from the NCI and other federal agencies. He is the co-author of a paper describing a widely used method of gene quantification. This paper has over 13,000 citations and was the most cited paper across 22 scientific disciplines from 2000-2010 according to Thompson Reuters.

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